Marco Trombetti, the creative, fun, passionate, successful CEO of Translated has embarked on a project that reflects his vision to embrace the spirit of humans in an epic adventure. Marco and his wife Isabelle are the co-Founders of Translated, a language services company that has harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to break down the barriers in language and elevate human communication and effectiveness. We have been training their Global Sales team since February of 2020.

In 2023, Translated will compete in the Global Ocean Race, a sailing challenge that will circumnavigate the world in a 4-leg journey without the assistance of high technology navigation. Another stipulation of the race is that 7 amateurs must be on the crew of 10 at all times, working alongside 3 sailing professionals. Marco invited my wife Septembre and me to join their crew in a practice run out on San Francisco Bay last weekend.

Paul Cayard is the Captain of Translated9; Paul is one of the most successful sailors on the planet. As we set the sails and cruised into the bay, under the Golden Gate Bridge towards the ocean, I spoke with both Marco and Paul. Paul talked about the skills sailors need, Leadership on board, innumerable variables to manage, and the process followed to run a global ocean race.

Marco shared the vision of Translated’s services, the content and tools that they have developed, and the importance of engagement and connection with customers. The latter part reflects the company’s motto and the upcoming voyage-We Believe In Humans, as painted on the side of the boat. The race is emblematic of the team’s work, embracing technology and tools, but ultimately relying on the talented people in the company.

The experience on Translated9 was electrifying, being on a beautiful craft managed by a highly capable team ripping across the water. I sense that this race in 2023 will be monumental for the Translated team, focusing on the belief in one another as much as the finish line.

John speaks to us from Narberth, PA where he grew up.

While attending his 26th Rolling Stones Concert, John discusses high performance management from Minneapolis. How do your KPI’s match up with revenue generation?

In Hollywood, many films are based on true stories. Don’t let your revenue pipeline be one of them.
There are 3 macro criteria you should be looking at now (and a few subsets thereof) to determine if your revenue pipeline has enough in it to hit your goals for 2021. Listen in to this video for a description of each, and make plans to adjust if there needs to be more in development.

John and the FSS team will be in Rome to work with a global commercial translation services company in the first week of February. Italy will be the 17th country that we have worked in, helping our customers to drive revenue in their approach to the global marketplace.

Rome has it all: history, art, architecture, food and finance, and a great place to gather perspective on the shifting landscape on business from the European continent to the rest of the world.

Would you like to meet with John in Rome? Join him for a cappuccino or plate of pasta to discuss your revenue generation plans, and how to get to the next level of productivity.

Until then, Ciao Bella!

Our team was in New York recently meeting with The Board of a prospect organization. Winter has arrived, and we send our holiday greetings from the 60th floor overlooking the Hudson River and Central Park.