From the location of his first sales training meeting in 1987, and the Olympics in ’96 to today, John is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Altitude helps in physical, spiritual and mental ways. Take a look and a listen. Watch video above.

John is finally on the road again after 200 days “grounded” from the pandemic. Listen and watch him from a beautiful hike (with bear spray) in Big Sky, Montana, discuss planning for 2021 in our upcoming newsletter.

Perspective on the past 100 plus days during a strange time for all of us. Click on the video arrow above to watch.

John and the FSS team traveled to Rome in the first week of February to work with a global commercial translation services company.

The FSS team was in Pennsylvania recently working with a new customer, providing their teams with the process, tools and skills to drive revenue. It is also the time of year when we stop to say Thank You. Click on the video to learn more.

This month John was fortunate enough to see the Rolling Stones in concert at Lincoln Financial Center in Philadelphia. He originally saw them here 38 years ago and has seen them 27 times since. Take a listen to what he has to share.

We were in the great Jazz city of New Orleans the week of June 17th working with a new Life Sciences customer on how to improve their selling skills and drive revenue. Take a listen above by clicking on the arrow.

John got some altitude after a day of sales calls in the East Bay outside of San Francisco and Oakland. Click on the arrow above to hear more about ways to tighten up your revenue engine.