You spent a lot of time building, delivering and coaching your commercial strategy for this year. And soon you’ll find out the results. To meet and exceed on a regular basis requires some fundamental execution. Click above to learn more.

This month I had the pleasure of visiting Columbia and Panama, my 59th and 60th countries. And also toured one of the modern marvels on this planet, The Panama Canal. Listen above for how this applies to sales success.

My travels for business and adventure continue, and I am pleased to be traveling to Cartagena, CO and Panama City, Panama from Feb 7 to Feb 16th.

Do you live in or near these exciting cities? Or who do you know that does who would enjoy a Global Sales conversation? I would welcome a chance to meet. You can message me below or reach me on WhatsApp at +1 858 518-7039

It’s always refreshing to understand the buying behaviors in the countries we travel and work in. This will be countries 20 and 21 for Flannery Sales Systems and 59 and 60 for me on a personal level.

John visits Ireland in this on the road again video and discussing topics for our upcoming newsletter including the 3 phases of the buyer’s journey, discovery map, meeting summary and evaluation timeline.


My latest travels took me on a personal getaway to unplug for a while and hit refresh. We all need to do this from time to time as a way to remain healthy and connected in all aspects of life. Listen in on the perspective shared from the Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica, a magical place indeed ( What are you doing to hit “refresh”?

Following two weeks in Europe delivering three Sales Process Workshops, I went to Marrakesh, Morocco to unwind and enjoy their amazing culture. While in the nearby Atlas Mountains, and in the thriving city, we kept hearing about the power of storytelling as a means of communication for centuries. Click on the video above to hear how storytelling transfers into sales success when pursuing new business and growing existing accounts. And click here to learn how to use this valuable tool.

From barbecue to the bullring, the FSS team traveled to two sister cities: Kansas City, Missouri and Sevilla, Spain to train 2 different clients on sales process in the Lab Equipment and Language Service Providers markets (we were also in Paris). What are the shared criteria for sales success on a global basis? Listen here for our customers’ perspectives.

The “March Madness” basketball tournament, formally known as the NCAA Mens/Womens Basketball Championship, is the pinnacle showcase for skill mastery in the collegiate basketball world. This year, my alma mater, the Aztecs of San Diego State University (SDSU), had a spectacular run-up to the championship match.  

What The Aztecs did so well is similar to the work we do with our customers’ sales teams, albeit in a different “business setting.” Coach Brian Dutcher of SDSU has refined and reinforced their process (sports leaders will often call it a system), relied on tools, committed to Coaching and focused on continuous skill improvement.  

For his team, those skills include bouncing and shooting a ball, playing defense, and getting rebounds. For the sales teams we work with, the key skills are proactively developing new business, identifying business objectives, establishing value, accessing key players, managing the buying process, and (of course) negotiating and closing. 

How are you getting better today? Are your sales leaders doing everything they can do to ensure that all customer-facing roles have the skills they need to win? Don’t wait to improve—the competition sure won’t.  

John and the FSS team will be in Europe for 3 weeks in April working with a global commercial translation organization. If you are in Paris or Sevilla, and would like to meet for a coffee or Spring walkabout, please reach out to John at Ole and Merci!