John traveled to Boston, Massachusetts recently to meet with customers and prepare for 2023. How ready are you for next year?

We look forward to returning to Philadelphia to work with teams in the Life Sciences industry on their refined approach as we all move into a new economic climate. Some markets remain hot while others cool off – how will you tailor your approach? We can help. Contact John directly for information on this exciting, interactive workshop.

From the location of his first sales training meeting in 1987, and the Olympics in ’96 to today, John is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Altitude helps in physical, spiritual and mental ways. Take a look and a listen. Watch video above.

John is finally on the road again after 200 days “grounded” from the pandemic. Listen and watch him from a beautiful hike (with bear spray) in Big Sky, Montana, discuss planning for 2021 in our upcoming newsletter.

Perspective on the past 100 plus days during a strange time for all of us. Click on the video arrow above to watch.

John and the FSS team traveled to Rome in the first week of February to work with a global commercial translation services company.

The FSS team was in Pennsylvania recently working with a new customer, providing their teams with the process, tools and skills to drive revenue. It is also the time of year when we stop to say Thank You. Click on the video to learn more.