On Leadership and Service to Others: President John F. Kennedy


Last month, I had the opportunity to visit the JFK Museum in Boston while on a business trip to the area. This visit had been on my bucket list for some time, and I had immersed myself in reading about President John F. Kennedy to prepare for the experience. Little did I know that the real essence of JFK’s leadership and service to others would come to life in a whole new way as I walked through the museum.

I was already aware of the pivotal moments in Kennedy’s life, such as his journey to the Oval Office, his role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, and his unwavering support for the Civil Rights movement. However, being at the museum allowed me to delve deeper into the complexity, danger, and the level of involvement he had in both these monumental events.

It would be odd not to be in awe of the pressure and responsibility that Kennedy faced during those harrowing days in October 1962. The world stood on the brink of nuclear war, and it was Kennedy’s leadership, his calm and measured approach, that steered us away from potential catastrophe. The crisis underscored the true test of a leader, showing how one handles adversity and the lives of millions hanging in the balance. Kennedy’s decision-making during this crisis demonstrated his resolve and his commitment to safeguarding not just American lives but the entire world.

The additional profound impact JFK had on shaping the world was through the establishment of The Peace Corps. While these two major crises unfolded in the 1960s, Kennedy was also laying the foundational work for the Peace Corps, which would go on to become a beacon of American goodwill and humanitarianism. This organization exemplified his vision of service to others, both domestically and internationally.

Visiting the JFK Museum was a powerful reminder of the enduring legacy of President Kennedy’s leadership and his unwavering commitment to service. His ability to inspire others to serve their country and the world is a testament to the kind of leadership that transcends time and continues to shape our world today. In an age where leadership and service are more crucial than ever, Kennedy’s example remains a beacon of hope and inspiration, one that would could certainly use in our next President.