In 2016 some people are going to transform their lives. For them this will be the beginning of a new era of higher achievement and satisfaction. Are you one of them?

If you have chosen to make this “Your Time!” then I have a powerful opportunity for you. On January 29th in Los Angeles I will be co-leading a life-changing workshop called “The High-Performance Mindset”. This science based training was developed in collaboration with Dr. Michael Bernard, a world leading authority on high performance. He has refined and proven this training with Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power Magazine and creator of the Sales 2.0 conference series. Jim Cathcart and I will be joining Gerhard in leading this event for you.

The essence of this training is an experience, not just a knowledge transfer, that will lead you to the breakthroughs you need to transcend your limits and doubts. What we have learned about High Performers is: First, they make a Strong Commitment to Success and they will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to win, to break new records and to reach higher levels of happiness. You will discover how to strengthen your own commitments as never before. No more “give it my best and hope for the rest.” Instead this will be your time to truly and happily commit ! Listen to my experience in this brief video link:

Second, High Performers sustain No-limit Thinking. Research shows that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever does. There are known processes for overcoming doubt and restoring faith. In our one-day High Performance Mindset workshop you’ll learn how to win no matter what adversities you may have to face. You will astound yourself with what is possible for you.

The third quality is Resilience. Through intense study of people who have endured the toughest conditions on Earth and rebounded to success, we have defined the process for breaking free. We call this “Escape Velocity”. Escape velocity is the speed at which an object can break free of the gravitational pull of a central mass. There is a lot of gravitational pull towards “average” and “same” in this world. In our workshop you will learn how to create the beliefs that allow you to transcend and break free from influences, patterns and circumstances that hold you back.

A recent attendee led their sales team to achieve their highest quarter in the history of the company – they adopted a no-limit mindset. One sales rep is on track to increase sales by 300% – he deepened his commitment to success. We have had graduates cheering, crying tears of joy, and sharing profound personal stories of how this training has helped them overcome fear, doubt and confusion. Imagine the impact on your career if you achieved similar results.

Please join me at this event to make 2016 the most amazing year in your own life and career. We can only accept 30 people at this event and you’re welcome to invite others but it has to be soon lest the space is already spoken for. Come and discover how much more successful you can be.

I invite you to sign up for our full-day High Performance Mindset workshop on January 29th in Los Angeles. Click HERE to register today for $995 and enter the discount code “mindsetflan10” to get a 10% discount.

This month John was in Krakow, Poland speaking at the European Language Industry Association (ELIA) Conference. ELIA attendees also arrived before the conference began to participate in our “How To Win Business from New and Existing Customers” Workshop.  Seven different nationalities participated in this program, and shared great insight into how to establish value with customers around the globe. Hear what John has to say about our upcoming newsletter and take a look at the beautiful Wawel Royal Castle in the background.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Flannery Sales Systems 10 Year Anniversary Party. It was a huge success and we appreciate your friendship and support. We look forward to working together again.


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John’s travels take him to the Balkans to include Sarajevo, Bosnia and Dubrovnik, Croatia. In the upcoming newsletter, two of our colleagues provide their expertise on topics that help to drive revenue. First, how Establishing Value helps to maintain margins and second, how the Use of Process enables predictable, successful outcomes. (turn up the volume and click on the arrow)

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The Flannery family reports in from vacation in one of America’s prized national parks, and thanks their customers for a decade of success. Also discussed are how to help Buyers Manage Risk, as well as perspective from our Ask A Sales leader series.



This year, Flannery Sales Systems (FSS) is celebrating a decade in business. We are proud and humbled to hit this milestone, and want to take an opportunity to recognize that this celebration comes from the success that our customers have realized through our combined efforts.

In 2004, my wife Septembre and I were in a conversation when I raised the idea of what I would like to do next in my career, as the company that I was contracting for in start-up mode was sputtering along with limited success. After describing how passionate I was about going back into field Sales, and how helping others to improve their success in Sales lead me to the Sales Training business, she simply said “then go do it.”  So I did.

Flash forward to 10.5 years later, and Septembre, (who comes along on an international trip every few years for a well-deserved break) and I are sitting in the airport in Shanghai, getting ready to fly to Tokyo to continue a series of 7 Workshops conducted over a 6 week period in four cities. How did this all happen? What a dream, an absolute decade of ups and downs and in-betweens that come with founding, building and running a business.

And like any other business, it starts with customers. But customers don’t just show up in a business to business marketplace with an average sales cycle of 6 to 9 months.  On March 1 of 2005 the business opened, and in 14 months, FSS ramped up to a full calendar of new customers, and a travel schedule that kept me on the road for 20-25 weeks per year. In August of year number 2 (2006), we landed what turned out to be a six year agreement with a large multi-national company in the scientific distribution business.

The key to getting great customers is having a strong team, and I have been blessed with both. Susan Wilcox has been the anchor on our team for years. Susan has an innate ability to coach, and to create content that reflects just what the customer needs to succeed. Many others have helped working in the business, to keep Marketing, Finance, Operations, Legal, IT and Admin afloat. Lauren Mills, Don Levy, Jo Burley, John Zimmerer, Tiffani Ross, Mindy Thomas, Kyle Kodra, Melissa Clemens and Malinee Kukkonen have all been valued contributors. Tom Martin from Strategy2Revenue has been the closest trusted advisor I have known in my 28 year career. I have also been fortunate enough to work with, learn from and get to know Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO and Founder of Selling Power magazine. And finally, my brother Dick has been a huge help, especially in the formative years and advising me in many business and career-family- balance related topics.

To see salespeople improve, and to help their managers to Coach them effectively are the most rewarding parts of our work. We have watched teams improve results at the bottom of the 2009 downturn, and have helped B and C sellers to grow their skills to new heights. The greatest compliment we receive is to be re-hired when leaders move from one company to another; this has happened several times.  FSS has worked in 14 different countries representing attendees who speak 19 different languages. We have benefitted by learning about our customer’s customers, and how the cultural differences and language subtleties play an important role in their ability to sell effectively.

There is nothing left to say but Thank You. To those who believe in the team and me, I am humbled beyond words. For my valuable customers, your trust is something that we take very seriously and reciprocate with a commitment to help you to exceed. That conversation in 2004 with my beautiful wife catapulted me into a dream of a career, one that I don’t call work because I enjoy it so much. I am forever grateful.


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John is pleased to be invited back to work with ELIA’s member companies to help improve their selling skills and ultimately their sales results.

How you begin a sales opportunity is just as important as closing the deal. Although the excitement of negotiating the final agreement gets much of the attention in sales, how you behave throughout the sales cycle will play a large part in the successful completion of winning new revenue for your company.

Please click on the link here to learn more about the session and how to register. For any specific questions you can email John at

We hope to see you in Krakow September 30th and October 1st 2015.


Click the arrow above to view John in Tokyo, Japan and hear what he has to say about our upcoming newsletter, including our 10 Year Anniversary, Marketing Qualified Leads and Coaching Skills.

John had an amazing opportunity to travel to China for this month’s On The Road Again video. He discusses features in our upcoming newsletter which include our Ask A Sales Leader article, Prospecting and a customer success story.

After spending 10 days in England working with a customer on their global sales process implementation , John is now in Munich doing the same with the European operation. Click on the link below to learn more about this extended engagement in Europe, as well as the upcoming items in the  May newsletter. The newsletter includes contributions from friends/colleagues of Flannery Sales Systems on how to improve personal and organizational performance. And, if you are in Munich over the weekend, reach out to John for a coffee (