In March, John is up in the Pacific Northwest in the beautiful tree filled city of Seattle instructing a Sales Process Workshop, and working with the Managers on how to Coach to the process. In this video, John previews the upcoming articles for the newsletter and announces exciting travel plans that take FSS back out to the global market. Pack your bags and listen below.

John is back in the new year with his first “On the Road Again” video of 2015. Here he is, literally on the road in his hometown of San Diego, CA, talking to us about what we have to look forward to in this month’s Flannery Sales Systems newsletter. Features include an interview with Brian Tracy, one of the world’s leading experts on personal and organizational performance and results, as well as an article on the growing importance of Sales Operations as sellers increase their reliance on technology to interact with today’s more sophisticated buyers.


I will be in Sydney, Australia next week as part of a global rollout out of the sales process implementation plan for one of our customers. If you are in or around the city or near Bondi and Manly beaches, come meet for coffee or a meal. We can discuss your priorities for 2015, and share ideas on what we see as critical for a fast start to the new year.

Email me if interested at Good on ya!

We recently worked with a sales team to turn around a stalled opportunity that represented $150,000 in new revenue. We helped to apply the tools from our sales process workshops to first decide whether the opportunity was a fit with our customer's capabilities. The tools provide an objective framework to help accurately assess the opportunity. The framework helps answer the questions: Is it a fit with our product/service offering? And does it match the prospect's goals? This review helped to advance a “go/no go” decision point into a go.

We then coached our customer through the opportunity development that resulted in three key player/champion letters. When crafted properly, the champion letter is the most powerful tool to give momentum to a deal. Our customer saw the tools as “simple, yet extremely effective”. This sales rep had natural talent in his skill set. Now he had simple tools to improve his craft; he took an opportunity that had been stalled for 5 months and applied 3 simple, yet powerful tools and closed it in 4 weeks. Bring us your stalled opportunities and let us help your organization learn and apply simple principles that will drive your revenue in 2011.