$150,000 Opportunity Closed – Who’s Next?


We recently worked with a sales team to turn around a stalled opportunity that represented $150,000 in new revenue. We helped to apply the tools from our sales process workshops to first decide whether the opportunity was a fit with our customer's capabilities. The tools provide an objective framework to help accurately assess the opportunity. The framework helps answer the questions: Is it a fit with our product/service offering? And does it match the prospect's goals? This review helped to advance a “go/no go” decision point into a go.

We then coached our customer through the opportunity development that resulted in three key player/champion letters. When crafted properly, the champion letter is the most powerful tool to give momentum to a deal. Our customer saw the tools as “simple, yet extremely effective”. This sales rep had natural talent in his skill set. Now he had simple tools to improve his craft; he took an opportunity that had been stalled for 5 months and applied 3 simple, yet powerful tools and closed it in 4 weeks. Bring us your stalled opportunities and let us help your organization learn and apply simple principles that will drive your revenue in 2011.