The focus at Flannery Sales Systems is on the execution (aka implementation) of your sales process to better identify customer goals and how you can assist those companies in meeting their objectives. On regular occasions, we are called to help get ready to win, and have offered this valuable Coaching in several capacities.

Here is how the CEO of a multi-national company describes our involvement last week:

“We called upon John to support our team during the preparation and dry run of an oral presentation following an RFP of strategic importance for the organization. The presentation dynamics were complex with at least a dozen executives in attendance to include three decision-makers. Given the high level of technical content, John’s mission was to help our executive team keep the focus on  the usage of our services versus the features and benefits and to provide a fair opinion on our approach to the presentation. His feedback and support played an important role in the success of the presentation.”

We welcome an opportunity to work with your team in any phase of the opportunity development, preferably sooner than later. Don’t wait until the negotiation comes for another potential client; prepare to win now.