The current environment has required business leaders to make critical decisions to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Our team at FSS has done the same and will take all precautions to maintain our health while continuing to support the ongoing needs of our customers. “How” we support the needs has been modified, although these pieces have been in place for a while.

Reinforcement of Existing Sales Skills and Coaching

You know that sales training is important, and continual reinforcement of selling skills by First Line Managers is the key to improvement. That’s why we developed the FSS Online Learning Portal (OLP) 5 years ago. With six video tutorials, each 5 to 7 minutes long, the OLP offers sales management the opportunity to develop their reps’ critical selling skills without having to leave the office. The OLP also features an e-toolkit with helpful tips and documents to support each stage, a reinforcement quiz, the Manager’s Coaching Room, all supported with live Zoom coaching sessions.

For New, Custom Built Solutions from a Distance

We also have a full suite offering called the Virtual Workshop Exchange (VWE) that provides participants with a Workshop environment, complete with leader-guided discussions, interactive Q&A, sales tool kits and role play exercises. We still believe that live, in-person workshops are the best method to establish initial capabilities, but we will have to wait and see when that becomes possible again in light of the situation.

To take your sales team to the next level, check out the OLP or the VWE. To learn more, contact John Flannery at or 858-518-7039.