If you are in or near San Jose, Palo Alto or the Walnut Creek/Concord towns in the Bay Area, let John know if you’d like to meet this week. He will be there meeting with customers and prospects alike, sharing ideas on revenue generation, sales skill development and the importance of Coaching in each of those capacities.

For 2019, there has been a renewed focus on the roles for all individuals in Customer Facing Roles (CFRs) for how they communicate with customers and prospects. It’s not only up to Sales to speak “the language of the customer”, but for all team members (Marketing, Customer Service, Inside Sales, Technical Support) to be able to carry the dialogue on customers’ goals, challenges and the solutions your company provides.

So, reach out to John to meet in the Bay Area this week-in person for a coffee, or for a conversation at 858 518-7039.