On your mark, get set…. are you ready to GO?

By now, most of the sales teams and individuals in customer facing roles (CFRs include technical support, marketing, customer service, product development, etc.) have returned to the “field” (albeit virtually) and are moving toward executing their 2021 commercial strategies. Some teams will be learning about those strategies in kickoff meetings in the coming weeks, or through their managers in team sessions.

Last week, we worked with Thomas Scientific, Inc. (TSI), our fourth year with them to date. After a blockbuster 2020, TSI started off 2021 in the starters’ block and ready to run. On Wednesday January 6th, we conducted a sales process workshop with their sales teams to help them continue to master the selling skills that allowed them to exceed their targets.

So, what are you waiting for? Utilize this short checklist NOW to make sure you are ready to achieve your personal best in 2021:

  • Top 25: do you have The List ready to go detailing at least the Top 25 (and maybe even more) prospects in your territory?
  • Block Sacred Prospecting Time: chunk out time 4 days a week to prospect. Do NOT let anything distract you from this time and effort as it’s the vital to growth. 90 minutes per session should suffice. If you’re new, make it 120.
  • Mind Set, Tool Set & Skill Set: when you’re going out to find new business, getting the right, positive mindset is critical. We help you build the tools and skills you need to be successful.
  • Establishing Value: each contact you make with a prospect should add to the value of your burgeoning relationship. Be ready to help prospects understand how your product or service helps them increase revenue, decrease cost or mitigate risk. Can you do this without showing or demoing the product?

Now is the time—get rolling!