From the Sales Process Workshop in Dubai

Posted on the RS Fitness Facebook Page, February 2016


Precor Incorporated and Hilton Hotels join forces and host World Class Fitness Equipment Sales Training in Dubai.

American sales training experts – John Flannery and Susan Wilcox brought their “PBO” game to Dubai last week, when Precor hosted their dealers Middle Eastern Sales Conference at the newly opened Hilton Al Barsha.

PBO, primary business objective. If you are a salesman and you don’t understand your customers PBO then you are in the wrong job.

That was the message, loud and clear. “Understand your customers business, understand what makes him happy, understand what worries him and what keeps him awake at night”. Do this and demonstrate this to your customer, that you understand their business. Do this and suddenly you are no longer a salesman, you are a trusted business advisor. That’s a nice place to be…

RS Fitness represented by General Manager Andy Staines and his Sales Managers: Ayham Al Masri, Raido Raad and Abhi Murali attended the sales conference, learned from the Precor Team and passed the “PBO Test”. Not only did the RS Fitness team pass, they passed all the other sales teams from around the Middle East taking part in the conference.

Big shout out to the RS Fitness sales team…and a round of applause for John and Susan.