Pipeliner CRM Round Table

I participated in an engaging roundtable hosted by Pipeliner CRM (www.pipelinersales.com), delving into the profound influence of AI on our business landscape. The discussion generated captivating perspectives and insights from diverse businesses. Here are the 4 key highlights that resonated with me.

  1. AI beats humans on some tasks, but not on all. AI has surpassed human performance on several benchmarks, including some in image classification, visual reasoning, and English understanding.Yet it trails behind on more complex tasks like competition-level mathematics, visual commonsense reasoning and planning.
  2. The United States leads China, the EU, and the U.K. as the leading source of top Al models. In 2023, 61 notáble Al models originated from U.S.-based institutions, far outpacing the European Union’s 21 and China’s 15
  3. The data is in: Al makes workers more productive and leads to higher quality work. In 2023, several studies assessed Al’s impact on labor, suggesting that Al enables workers to complete tasks more quickly and to improve the quality of their output. These studies also demonstrated Al’s potential to bridge the skill gap between low- and high-skilled workers. Still, other studies caution that using Al without proper oversight can lead to diminished performance.
  4. People across the globe are more cognizant of Al’s potential impact-and more nervous. A survey from Ipsos shows that, over the last year, the proportion of those who think Al will dramatically affect their lives in the next three to five years has increased from 60% to 66%. Moreover, 52% express nervousness toward Al products and services, marking a 13 percentage point rise from 2022. In America, Pew data suggests that 52% of Americans report feeling more concerned than excited about Al, rising from 37% in 2022.