Are You Selling What Your Customers Are Buying?

Selling is harder than ever. Sales cycles are longer, budgets aren’t always clear and the balance of power is no longer in the hands of the seller.

According to Global Newswire, 95% of customers in 2023 read product reviews before making a purchase. And according to Trustpilot, 89% of global consumers say checking online reviews is part of their buying journey. Having informed buyers isn’t a bad thing, it just means your sales process better include insight into the buyer’s habits. This includes not only how they buy, but also how they research, compare vendors, shortlist and make final decisions.

Many customers still go through five stages when completing a purchase – awareness, consideration, intent, purchase and re-purchase (renewal) – the difference is the order may not be linear.

Nowadays, buyers can move halfway through a buying cycle without much direct seller interaction. They already have information or “misinformation” from other sources. To simplify your evaluation of where they are in their buying process, ask questions and listen intently! This will help you plan your pitch accordingly.

And remember, you’re guiding them to options and/or a solution not telling them what to buy. Do timely research on your customer and current trends in their industry. Your value proposition is critical. Tell them something they haven’t heard before – make them want to learn what you have to say and how what you have to sell will make their business better.

A successful sales team knows that how customers move through the sales process has changed. Multiple touchpoints are needed and the process often takes longer. High-pressure sales will likely backfire.

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