Ask A Sales Leader: A Conversation with Mohamed Rachada 

Bio: Mohamed Rachada (who prefers to go by “Rachada”) is a tech-savvy, multilingual, sales professional who is proficient in five languages and driven by a profound passion for technology. With a career rooted in the power of language and its ability to bridge cultural gaps, Rachada currently serves as a growth consultant in the language services industry at Nimdzi Insights. 

In this insightful conversation, Rachada shares his journey of growth, transition, and continuous learning. From tech layoffs to embracing a new industry, Rachada’s experiences offer valuable lessons for anyone navigating the ever-evolving landscape of sales and personal development. 

1.  What is it like coming from the technology space into a commercial language services sales role? 

 Transitioning from the fast-paced Web3 technology space to the world of language services was a leap of faith for Rachada. The decision to embrace this new industry brought challenges in adapting to different standards and conversation dynamics. Despite the difficulties, Rachada highlights that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is vital for growth. He emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from industry experts and investing time to truly understand the nuances of a new field, reinforcing the idea that becoming an industry expert requires dedicated immersion.

2.  What keeps you going when you are having a bad day? 

Rachada shares his strategies for maintaining resilience on challenging days: 

Before (Prevention): By prioritizing tasks and shifting his internal perspective, Rachada preempts potential stressors. 

During (Coping): Employing box-breathing techniques helps him regain composure and detach from immediate situations, maintaining a broader perspective. 

Beyond (Continuous Growth): Rachada’s “Gratification Wall” at home serves as a reminder that difficulties are transient. Reflecting on achievements and challenges motivates him to overcome present obstacles, keeping an eye on future growth. 

3. How do you improve your sales skills? 

As a newcomer to the sales realm, Rachada adopts a philosophy of perpetual growth. He credits his colleagues at Nimdzi for their wisdom and guidance, considering them an invaluable source of knowledge. Attending skill-focused sales events and subscribing to informative sales newsletters reinforces his commitment to improvement. Rachada also dedicates his leisure time to enhancing his sales skills and forming connections with industry mentors. 

4.  What advice would you give to others who are new in sales? 

Rachada offers insightful advice to those embarking on a sales career: 

 Active Listening: Understanding prospects’ challenges precedes presenting solutions. Empathetic communication leads to tailored and resonant solutions. 

Embrace Rejection: Rejection is part of the sales process. Each “no” is a step closer to a “yes.” Analyze setbacks for continuous refinement. 

Problem Solving: Be a problem-solver, addressing pain points and offering solutions that provide tangible value to prospects. 

 Stay Resilient: While quotas can be pressuring, Rachada advises staying resilient, focusing on growth, and managing stress. 

Learn and Adapt: Sales is dynamic. Rachada encourages continuous learning, seeking mentorship, and maintaining a growth mindset.