How to Analyze Month/Quarter-End Discount Tactics

If only your sales representatives could persuade their customers and prospects as effectively as they convince you, their manager, about the necessity of obtaining SPQs (Special Price Quotes) or discounts at the end of the month or quarter, you wouldn’t find yourself trapped in this predicament driven by buyers. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves in the final days of the month or quarter, where buyers sense the opportunity to negotiate lower prices and push sellers to meet their revenue targets. This scenario has become predictable and tiresome, but with the right approach, it can be handled easily. 

Some sellers are well-versed in countering this madness by establishing and emphasizing the value of their offerings early and consistently throughout the sales process. However, if you have neglected this crucial step and are now trying to close deals, it may be too late. If you have already done so, congratulations! You have equipped yourself with insurance for this high-pressure closing dialogue. 

According to Forrester Research, a mere 26% of CEOs believe that their salespeople possess the ability to help customers truly comprehend the value their organization provides. So, what about the remaining 74%? They are currently lining up at your office, seeking those SPQs. The decision to grant them lies in how effectively they sell the idea to you. 

To prevent this situation from recurring in future quarters, it’s worth examining the insights shared in the blog post “Help Your Sales People Hold Pricing.” Afterwards, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a conversation. We are prepared and ready. Are your sellers?