High Performer, Consistent and A Gentle Man: Tribute to Charlie Watts

All organizations, be it a company, team, family, musical group, etc. have individual contributors who play a part for the greater good. Some of these roles are well defined, and others just emerge as the unit develops over time, seeking ways to offer solutions, support, enjoyment or sustenance in a variety of ways.

Last month, Charlie Watts died at age 80 after a long, wonderful career and life. His contributions to the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in The World are enumerable. And why he did accomplish so much within his particular artistic capacity, most of the fans and writers are discussing how he did it. With great precision in his drumming craft, consistent through and through and all within the confines of humility. The latter doesn’t sound very rock and roll, but neither was Charlie Watts.

As a follower of The Stones for 40 years, and having attended 29 of their concerts, I shared so many great memories over the years with and through their music. As a member of several organizations, it is always interesting to watch those steady, consistent high performers who show up day after day and deliver results. That was Charlie Watts- no flash, no sizzle, not running from one side of the stage to another, just getting it done. We need more individuals like that, in Sales teams, sporting clubs and families. The ones who keep the beat through and through.

Thank you for the memories, Charlie. A long life well lived. Peace.