To say the last year has been odd is a gross understatement. There are so many things happening domestically and globally that we haven’t seen before; we will spare you the exercise of naming them all. For us, the most relevant and pressing issue for our customers and prospects is the radical shift in buying that the Work from Home (WFH) environment has created.

So, what have you done about it? As a sales or commercial leader, you’re doing your best to keep your team focused while they can’t (for the most part) jump on an airplane to see customers or prospects face-to-face. As sellers and other front-line employees in customer facing roles (CFRs) (which include sales, marketing, technical specialists, product development, customer service, project managers, etc.) you are working to get the attention of prospects and keep momentum for deals that used to move through reasonably quickly.

The new buying behavior can be fragmented and frustrating for both buyers and sellers. And the conduit to it all is virtual which relies on your ability to navigate relevant technology platforms like Zoom, TEAMS, GoTo Meeting, Google Hangouts, etc. The word we have received from buyers and sellers is that it’s a mixed bag of good and bad on how well the technology is being understood and used. The meetings that you’re conducting with your internal teams are often the same—some attendees are plugged in and ready, while others need to ramp up their participation and stop multitasking during calls.

Our Virtual Selling Effectiveness (VSE) workshop is designed to help improve the use of technology to connect in the scenarios described above, as well as others.  There are several things that hosts and attendees can do before, during, and after the meetings to increase the overall effectiveness. How well you and your teams are able to manage this new (ab)normal is a large factor in your overall success.

No one knows when we will return to “normal” (I both love that phrase and also have NO idea what it really means). But the ability to embrace and utilize virtual communication is here to stay, regardless of when we are back in our offices huddling around water coolers again. Now’s your opportunity to take the time to make sure you and your team get this right.