Drive Revenue in 2021: Annual Strategy Planning & The Tactical Execution

It’s that time again when executives begin to finalize their plans and budgets for the next business year. 2020 is, and perhaps 2021 may be, unlike any other 365-day period in a long, long time. Never has unpredictability played a larger role than now. As the great Oscar Wilde once said, “Expect the unexpected, but don’t count on it.”

Companies spend millions of dollars to get their commercial strategies right. A global customer of ours just spent $ 4 million dollars to get their strategy aligned to the best markets for growth. Now what? The newly found information is delivered to sales and others in customer facing roles (CFRs), including marketing, customer service and technical support, and then they HOPE that they all get it right. They hope that all these roles just sync up in a well-coordinated unison. Unfortunately, we all know that it’s just not that simple.

At Flannery Sales Systems, we build process for our customers that include the tactical execution of the commercial/go to market (whatever you choose to call it) strategy. And what does that mean exactly? It is a clear plan for how the individuals in your CFRs conduct conversations to provide a customer or prospect with an understanding of how to use your product or service to increase revenue, reduce costs or minimize risk. Simple, right?

Our customers improve the quality of the sales opportunities they develop and increase the overall revenue in their pipeline when they embrace and execute this process. All sales organizations are focused on this, and we enable it with a skills-based program that is custom built for our customers based on the markets they compete in and how organizations BUY, not how they should be selling.

Whether it’s to prepare for next year or fine tune opportunities in the pipeline now, we can help. Take fifteen minutes to consider how we can enable you to meet and exceed your objectives. Ready? Let’s go!

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