The Bottom Third of Your Sales Team is Killing Your P&L

I’ve had this conversation with commercial leaders dozens of times each year. They tell me they would like to boost their sales team’s skills, and coaching by first-line managers, but they don’t have the budget.

They do.

The budget for improvement is lying in the bottom third of your sales organization (see attached below). You have seen these types of underperformers before—regardless of the amount of support you offer, they’re just not getting it done. They waste management time and lose market share to the competition who is outselling them. Waiting to replace them is costly and HR-driven performance improvement plans take too long.

So, what’s a better use for the money you’re currently investing in your bottom performers? It’s time to invest it in your core performers, the B & C players who will give you the greatest lift. These are the team members that have the potential to be top performers with the right skill coaching and reinforcement.

What about your top performers? Just stay out of their way. That’s right…let your A players run. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working.