Revenue Generation Plans for 2020

It is hard to believe, but many of you are finalizing your revenue generation plans for 2020.  Your leadership team is now looking three months ahead to what the new year will look like. Plans, budgets and kickoff meetings are all being created, and the commercial/go-to-market (GTM) strategy is perpetually being fine-tuned.

Commercial/GTM strategies include the likely components around the markets you compete in, the competition, and your positioning (product, price, place, promotion, etc.). But what about the HOW when it comes to sales and others who interface with prospects and customers? Often times the plans are refined to the point of specificity, except when it comes down to what we call the tactical execution of sales, meaning how conversations are conducted with prospects and customers, one at a time.

We help our customers improve the quality of the sales opportunities they develop and increase the overall revenue in their pipeline. All sales organizations are focused on this, and we enable it with a skills-based program that is custom built for our customers based on the markets they compete in and how organizations BUY, not how they should be selling. And there is still a lot to do to close out 2019 strong.

Whether it’s the preparation for next year or fine tuning of opportunities in the pipeline now, we can help in either scenario. Our skills-based approach for all individuals in customer facing roles (this includes marketing, inside sales, customer service, product development, technical specialists) is proven to work. Take fifteen minutes to consider how we can help you meet and exceed your objectives. Ready? Let’s go!