Ask A Sales Leader: Ayham Al Masri

Ayham Al Misri in Dubai Frb 2016-1_resized

In this month’s Ask A Sales Leader we are pleased to hear from Ayham Al Masri. Ayham is the Sales Manager for RS Fitness in Dubai, UAE. Ayham and his team just went through our program, and read below to learn more about how his team is improving results in the field.

  1. Describe how your customer facing teams use your organization’s sales process.

By spending a longer time on solution development, learning as much as we can about the client and the project, understanding better the key players and their primary business objectives and the challenges.

We then try to show the client the financial impact of these challenges and provide solutions to address them. After that we can move into presenting the solution and provide added value to our offer.

Once we have established value, we can then later negotiate and close the deal.

  1. What is your Management’s approach to Coaching sales reps?

Our approach to coaching revolves around making sure that our salespeople complete what is written above, and then being well versed with the products and services we sell, and how they help the customer meet their business objectives.

I also help my team to create valuable relationships by putting ourselves in the buyer’s position. This is the key to effective Coaching.

  1. How do you reinforce sales skill development for sales reps?

To open up to learning new things related to the industry, and being committed to the products and services they sell by being more involved in events and training programs.

  1. What advice would you give to other sales leaders/reps?

My advice would be that if Sales reps don’t want to learn new things, its fine. However, if your thoughts and mindset cannot catch up with time, you will be eliminated by the industry and competition.

Those who refuse to learn and improve, will definitely one day become redundant and not relevant to the industry. They will learn the lesson in a hard, expensive way and I don’t think anyone would want to put themselves in that position.