The 5 Fundamentals of Effective Sales Management

We spend the majority of our time building custom Sales Process programs for our customers that help them with two (categorically) fundamental conversations. The first is the conversation that the salesperson (or anyone in a customer facing role) has with the customer. The second conversation is the one that the Sales Manager has with the member of his team, to make sure that sellers (and related team members) are focused on the right opportunities at the right time with the right message (Marketing, that’s you I’m talking about in the message).

Sales Managers are pulled in so many directions, often helping their team with external conversations (to drive revenue), and also managing a host of internal conversations to make sure their team has the right resources and information to win. It can be exhausting as many have told me over the years.

It has been a long while since I read a whitepaper that documents the “must haves” for truly effective Sales Management with such impact and brevity. In the attached document, Matt McDarby and John Golden nail down the Five Fundamental of Effective Sales Management. This should reside on every Sales Managers’ desk as the Operator’s Manual on how to run their team, meet their revenue targets and maintain a level of sanity along the way.

It’s a great read I am sure you will enjoy.

Click here to read it.