How do Your Customers USE Your Product or Service?

From the MD&M Trade Show in Anaheim, CA

The MD&M trade show in Anaheim was very well attended, and full of impressive technology and innovation for the medical device industry. Of the 20 or so salespeople I spoke to at different booths in the show, only a few could articulate how their customers used their product or service. When I asked that question, most sellers went into a description of what the product did, or how it was made, and the variety of features it had. But that is not what your customers care about; they are concerned with how your product helps them to increase revenue, decrease cost or offset risk.

It was a pleasure to run into Alison Smith again (pictured above), with Meritech in Golden, Colorado. Alison continues to have sales success using the process we worked on together in 2012, and can clearly articulate how her customers use their products to maintain hygiene in the workplace. In fact, while she demonstrated the product to me, Alison was fluently telling me a success story of how one of her food service industry customers reduces their risk through the use of the Meritech hand washing system. Well done Alison and the Meritech  team, and continued success !