Ask A Sales Leader: Danijela Ivankovic

Danijela Ivankovic Precor Sales Process Feb 19 2016

Danijela Ivankovic is the Co-owner and General Manager of DD Wellness Solutions in Belgrade, Serbia. Danijela runs a successful business in a developing fitness market in the Balkans. This month, she shares her insight on how they use the program we worked with them on recently.

  1. How does your organization use sales process?

Serbia is a developing market with many specific challenges and unfortunately not much structure. The elements that we learned from the Precor Sales Process (PSP) provides us with a structure which help us and clients to stay on the right path, which has a beginning and a predictable end.

Not all of the process steps are possible to follow every time, but there are always valuable tools and parts of the process which can lead us to the successful conclusion of the deal. They include:

  • Clear awareness of  the customers’ Primary Business Objectives;
  • The approach in which we are leading a client through questions, to realize that our capabilities are right to address their challenges; pointing to financial impacts and values.
  • Following the Discovery Map
  • The Negotiating plan gives us a more effective perspective to prepare to close the business
  • Developing Gets/Gives as a part of negotiation is very powerful

Clients are responding very well as their part in the buying process is much more appreciated. The whole process creates the platform in which decision they make is completely their decision.

  1. What advice would you give to other sales leaders?

Try to adopt and implement PSP as much as possible. Reactions of clients, no matter how big or small are they, are very positive, and can save you time, energy and finances which is very important.