How to Boost Sales with a High Performance Mindset

Gerhard JF SFO 2.0 Apr 9 2013


Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw

By personal invitation of Gerhard Gschwandtner, sales guru and CEO of Selling Power Magazine; John Flannery was in Philadelphia on November 17th and participated in a workshop entitled:  “How to Boost Sales with a High Performance Mindset”.   Gschwandtner and Michael Bernard, Managing Director of the Bernard Group, international leader in the field of high performance mindset training, cognitive-behavioral intervention, and social-emotional learning, teamed up to lead the train-the-trainer workshop.

Research shows the importance of defining Sales Process as the means for organizations to qualify and track opportunities, forecast accurately, and drive revenue.  The Flannery Sales Systems (FSS) core services provide Sales Process Definition, Sales Team Training, and Management Coaching and Reinforcement, but our expertise goes far beyond process and training.  Our experience has proven that increased revenue does not occur with “sales training”…results come after the training, only with the implementation of the sales process.  The implementation requires a change in behavior, and change of behavior requires a change of mind, specifically, a high performance mind-set.  We see the “How to Boost Sales with a High Performance Mindset” session as an opportunity to understand what the results of extensive research in positive psychology, leadership, and cognitive-behavioral and brain science reveal, as to the architecture of a high performing mindset and how it can be strengthened.

Benefits of a High Performance Mindset

  • Create a culture of high performance through the enhanced attitudes and behaviors of sales managers and sales teams
  • Increase the capacity of sales managers to excel in performing high-impact leadership and management behavior
  • Strengthen commitments to success, others, and self, and behavioral strengths needed to excel in challenging work situations
  • Create the ability to identify and overcome internal work performance blockers
  • Expand self-awareness, positivity, self-belief, perseverance, resilience, and effectiveness.

Gains Sales Managers will realize:

  • A commitment to excellence by sales leaders, managers and team members
  • A noticeable, significant behavioral change of the entire sales team
  • An ability for sales teams and individuals to routinely outperform their competition
  • A sales team that is relentless in the pursuit of breakthrough results

An Invitation:

Join us on January 29th in Los Angeles to participate in the workshop that John will be co-facilitating. The first person (who is a current customer of FSS) to respond to this article will be given a 50% discount on the admission fee. Respond to