Melissa Clemens Joins Flannery Sales Systems

mel_johnWe’re excited to announce that Melissa Clemens has joined our team at Flannery Sales Systems.

Melissa brings the practical experience of running sales teams to our customers, along with the understanding of what strong selling skills look like. Most importantly, Melissa knows how to coach salespeople to their optimal performance, and effective coaching is the keystone of success for our customers. This, combined with her strong written and analytical skills, adds another layer of expertise to our team. It is a pleasure to have Melissa on board.

Prior to joining Flannery Sales Systems, Melissa spent over 15 years in various sales, marketing, professional services and entrepreneurial roles. Most recently, she spent 5 years leading sales organizations at Kleiner-backed Plum District and marketing automation start-up, where she was responsible for all sales functions including hiring, training and overall revenue performance. Prior to that, she built and ran her own e-commerce company.

Melissa has her BA from Stanford University.