Renew Your Love of Selling At Our Sales Boot Camp Feb 20-21, 2014


We all go through times when we love our jobs, but at other times, lets admit it:  We don’t.  Whether it’s the after-the-holiday-let-down, discouragement, boredom, a skill deficiency, or a desire to interact with other salespeople for new ideas and motivation, we’ve got the perfect program to get you pumped up and primed to renew your love of selling!  My colleagues at the Whetstone Group are conducting a Sales Boot Camp February 20 and 21, in a place that everyone loves: San Diego!

The best way to renew your love of selling, is to take a couple of days to catch your breath and join some entertaining and experienced instructors who will help you look at selling with a new perspective.  Take the time to catch up on the latest buying trends, evaluate your personal selling skills, and learn advanced theories and ideas while re-focusing on the basics of what there is to love about selling!  Increase your confidence and credibility, and you’ll love your compensation: earning power!

Attend our Boot Camp; click here to learn more:
Be sure to mention John Flannery when registering, and call us at 866 518-7039