Sharpen Your Selling Skills in Our Boot Camp on November 14 and 15

boot camp

The end of the year often means it’s time for sales people to negotiate, to close out those important opportunities they have developed all year. Negotiation is the skill that we get the most requests for by far. But there are 5 other distinct skills that a seller must master and execute on a regular basis: proactive new business development, identifying primary business objectives, establishing value, accessing key influencers and managing the buying process.

Which selling skills do you need to sharpen here in Q4? Or do you have a new team member or two who you would like to get up to speed with your company’s sales process?  Join us on Nov 14 and 15 here in beautiful San Diego for an impactful workshop to fire you up for a great close in 2013. We will cover the basics, as well as advanced concepts on how to stay in tune with today’s sophisticated buyers. Participants from several other companies will be in attendance to share successes and challenges on how your team and you can continuously sharpen your selling skills.

To register, simply call our toll free number 866 518-7039. See you soon!