What is SalesOpShop.com?

On the heels of the rapid development of technology and tools to supplement field sales organizations, the role of the Sales Operations professional has become more critical for success in driving revenue. In the past, the Sales Ops team was responsible for managing compensation plans, organizing the usage of CRMs and making sure that product knowledge was distributed from the Marketing teams. Like most job descriptions, the role is expanding as an integral component for success.

One of the challenges that the Sales Ops professional faces is sorting through the sheer number of offerings in the respective disciplines offered. Gerhard Gschwandter, Founder and CEO of Selling Power magazine recognized this challenge for both vendors and users alike. His recently released SalesOpShop.com is designed as a virtual marketplace that brings all parties together, helping to make connection in 15 Sales Operations related categories.

Check it out here: http://www.salesopshop.com/network?groupid=9e6c4f26-ad7f-4d13-9162-bb4b9d9ae7d3

Flannery Sales Systems is pleased to say that we are an early adopter of the SalesOpShop platform, and have already benefitted from our usage with a new customer. We are sure that more success will follow through the use of this valuable tool.