San Diego State Adds Sales to Business School Curriculum

SDSU just announced the addition of a series of Sales courses to the College of Business’s Marketing Department.  John (above) was pleased to participate with Dean Michael Cunningham as a speaker at the Kickoff event held on campus on May 8, 2012.  John, an active SDSU alumnus, was a recognized for his leadership in the field of sales and building enhanced sales competencies for his customers.

“Business and industry has a steady demand for qualified sales professionals and San Diego State University is one of the few major universities that has stepped up to educate our students to fill this critical corporate need,” said Dr. Michael R. Cunningham, dean of the College of Business Administration at San Diego State University. “The contemporary sales professional requires the ability and competencies needed to develop networking skills, relationship building and analytical proficiencies which are primary elements in the College’s sales educational initiative.”