2012 New Year’s Resolutions

It's the time of year for reflection and goal making for the next year. Here are some resolutions, some for business and some more personal. Maybe it will help in developing your own list.

  1. Use a more targeted social media strategy to pad the pipeline. “Adapt or die” is what they say. You can't get anywhere without taking a step.
  2. Getting more business without involvement of booze or golf. – See number one as a way to possibly do that.
  3. Manage Stress More Effectively – Play more basketball and do more yoga.
  4. Qualify (and disqualify) prospects more quickly; we have 2 new customers for 2012, but could have weeded the suspects out sooner.
  5. Give back more to the community.
  6. Visit Mongolia – one more place off my bucket list.
  7. What is on your Resolutions list ?