Focus on Coaching: Assessing Selling Skills


After workshops many of my clients often come to me with a specific skill that needs to be addressed like:

  • We are working on an enormous opportunity and could use an outside look.
  • Our people seem to be wasting their time with unqualified opportunities.
  • We need a reminder of how and what to prepare for sales calls.
  • My people give away too much in the end.  We should focus on their negotiating skills.

The one day refresher workshop is a great option to sharpen these skills and other skills that you and your sales team identify.  This will be a customized, one day workshop around your needs.  The workshop format will be lecture, group discussion, skill practice and other participatory exercises.

This workshop could easily be added on to an already existing sales meeting.   If you have a small group or large give me a call, let’s get started today.

Contact info:
John E. Flannery